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Top Ten Links

  • Varangian Voice Periodical Magazines (5,257)
    More information about Varangian Voice Periodical Magazines and how to subscribe and receive your own copies.
  • Handakas (2,827)
    The South Australian Branch of the NVG
  • Manning Imperial (2,694)
    Manning Imperial is a premier manufacturer of historical reproductions. As an international supplier to re-enactors, collectors, museums and the movie industry, we pride ourselves on the high quality and authenticity of all our products. We prefer to use authentic methods of construction wherever possible. Australian based
  • VV Issue 02 (2,532)
    In this issue: food for thought, weight of armour, two clever locks, Battle of Maldon, apple or pear cider, Gundaroo 1984, celtic art, the convention, jousting, viking axe
  • Historic Armouries (2,385)
    Historic Armouries is an Australian retailer and importer of Dark Ages and Medieval arms, armour, feasting gear and garb. We are run by Healfdan, Kane and Andre - and between us we have around 40 years of experience in the SCA and Re-enactor groups. Established in 2006, we are the Australian and New Zealand distributer for Al Hamdd Trading Post. We welcome retailers as well as casual orders. If you'd like to see our current stock, visit our eBay store:

  • VV Issue 17 (2,371)
    In this issue: seige - apocryphal accounts, seige - some comments from the SCA, among our weaponry, art of courtly love, varangian banner, NVG banners past present & future, medieval gourmet night, recipe, at a varangian table, arabic names & titles, viking shields, NVG mildura, book review, Allahu Akbar
  • Frojel Gotlandica Re-Enactment Group (2,359)
    Vikings were all of these and more. Fröjel (Pronounced Fray-yell) is a family based Viking Re-enactment society depicting the Vikings from Fröjel harbor on Gotland, one of the richest Viking trading centers in the Viking world.

  • Oi Askoi (2,304)
    Oi Askoi (οἱ ἀσκοί in ancient greek) is a French Varangian Guard reenactment troop covering the period from Xth to XIIIth century.
  • VV Issue 11 (2,196)
    In this issue: Rowany report, Odin fest report, Odin fest archery report, Gothic architecture, Alverics archery visor
  • VV Issue 15 (2,126)
    In this issue: Games '89, among our weaponry, SCA winter investure, medieval gourmet night; recipe, byzantine costume, defence in depth, letters & notices, pedlars page

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