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Who are NVG?

Who is the New Varangian Guard?
The New Varangian Guard Inc. (NVG Inc) is a historical re-enactment organisation with branches throughout Australia, and sister organisations in several other countries.

The core area and period of interest of the New Varangian Guard is the Byzantine Empire, its allies and enemies, during the 9th to 13th centuries A.D. Members of the Guard attempt to learn about the lifestyle of these peoples by study and reconstruction of the materials and practices of the period.

We aim to make our recreation as realistic as possible without compromising safety, the law, or personal enjoyment. We also endeavor to create and maintain channels of communication amongst members, other recreation groups, educators, government and the business community. In this way we provide opportunities and venues for members to practice, display and teach the skills, arts and crafts that they pursue.

Historical Basis for the New Varangian Guard
Vikings and Rus' had been traveling to Byzantium for at least a century before 988 A.D., when Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev (later Saint Vladimir) sent six thousand 'Varangians' (probably mixed Russian and Norse troops) to Constantinople to serve Emperor Basil II, in return for Christian baptism and the hand of a Byzantine princess.

Like other Vikings and Rus' before them, they served with distinction in the regular army, but sometime around or before the middle of the eleventh century, Varangians replaced the existing native Imperial guards. Their boldness, bravery and unswerving loyalty is recorded by Byzantine chroniclers.

These Emperor's Varangians, also know as the 'axe-wielding guard' (though one Emperor nicknamed them "Winebags"), were primarily Vikings and Rus until the late eleventh century, when a large influx of Englishmen fleeing Norman persecution significantly changed the ethnic composition.

Scandinavian involvement revived during the Crusades, and indeed, the heyday of the Emperor's Varangians seems to have run from the late 11th to the mid 12th century.

After the destruction caused in the capture of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade in 1204 A.D., the Varangian Guard continued to exist in name but became a hereditary ceremonial guard, largely drawn from internal Byzantine sources.

Website Upgrade

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News & Events
  • Sunday, July 29 2012 @ 06:39 AM UTC
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As you can see the website has had a significant backend upgrade. This has been planned for some time, and I have brought this forward after investigating the issue with the gallery. As this is a very significant upgrade, a few things will most likely be broken until I finish fixing them. The gallery has been fixed in this upgrade, the upgrade was necessary to fix this. Once the site functions are confirmed working I will work on restoring the style of the old site. The forums posts should be fully moved over, but let me know if there are any issues. The best way to report this is to email website@nvg.org.au. This is a temporary email address until I can get everything 100% smooth. Use my normal contact methods if you know them.

Forum Spam

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News & Events
  • Saturday, November 05 2011 @ 09:03 AM UTC
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Following an prolonged influx of spam on the forums I have started taking long term steps to combat this. If you have been affected by this I apologise.

When I first started noticing the spam as an issue I started reacting to it as it came, deleting the offending posts. This eventually became ineffective, especially when the spare time I could devote to it became less and less.

This meant that I needed to start taking measures to end it for good. I have started this process by deleting roughly 25,000 users in mass. Of the accounts now left I still need to eliminate what is left of the accounts responsible for spamming. If you have been caught up in this I aplogise, but the raw numbers of spammy users did not allow me to review any of the accounts.

I have now fixed the registration process that was broken, and the site now requires user registration to be approved. My next step will be looking at getting the forum and website software upgraded.

What were Vikings commonly eating as food?

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Food & Beverage
  • Monday, July 27 2009 @ 03:49 PM UTC
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What were Vikings commonly eating as food?
By Jennifer Baker

Using the The Viking Food Data base * as a source to answer this question we come up with the following answer to this question

Out of a total number 18 of country/ regions looked at (Denmark, Frisia, Zeeland, Norway, Sweden, Gotland, Poland, Russia, England, Scotland, Isle of Man, Ireland, Orkney, Shetlands, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Vinland, ) that Viking lived in and that there is archaeological data from

* NOTE: This is a 126KB Microsoft Excel file. To view this file you must have Excel or download the Excel viewer from the Microsoft website

The expanding tentacles of the NVG

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News & Events
  • Sunday, May 18 2008 @ 01:48 PM UTC
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For the odd person who is interested (and you know how odd you are!), here is a quick timeline of the growth of the NVG over the years.

NVG Branches (called Garrisons pre 2006):

  • Vlachernai - Melbourne, Vic (est 1981)
  • Mountians - Blue Mountians, NSW (est 1983, was Katoomba Garrison)
  • Miklagard - Sydney, NSW (est 1987)
  • Riverina - Cootamundra, NSW (est 1991, folded 1994)
  • Dyrrachium - Geraldton, WA (est 1993 from the 1990 Port Hedland outpost, folded 2003)
  • Sarkland/Antioch - Ballarat, Vic (est 1991, originally referred to as the Central Victorian Garrison [Newstead, halfway between Ballarat & Bendigo], then called Sarkland, changed to Antioch in 1995)
  • Rusland - Brisbane, Qld (est 1993)
  • Dubh Linn - Geelong, Vic (est 1993)
  • Thessalonika - Mildura, Vic (est 1995)
  • Hodegon - Melbourne, Vic (est 1998)
  • Handakas - Adelaide, SA (est 2002)
  • Vighla - Bendigo, Vic (est 2006)
  • Jorth Gar - Gold Coast, Qld (est 2006)
  • Maurokastron - Brisbane, Qld (est 2008)
  • Ladoga - Adelaide, SA (est 2009)

  • (Info from Egfroth’s unofficial history of the NVG and the Varangian Voice)

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